Horoscope Aug. 21 - 27

OVERVIEW: A lot of explaining goes on this week under a mercury to pluto connection. There will be an element of forcefulness to prove a point or get to the bottom of things. Be cooperative but don’t step too far back. Seek assistance from those in the position to do so. Unlikely individuals step up. Sharp minds lay out a path clearly; intellect is showcased. Get physical where needed or allowed, including romance. Competition is stimulating. The new moon opens up opportunities. It's time to get down to work or further business interests.

ARIES: Be clear on what you can bring to the table. Others will be impressed and engaging.

TAURUS: Word things in a way that your point is made so they will accept it more easily.

GEMINI: You are energized to advance your goals. You are a worthy adversary all round.

CANCER: Pulling strings behind the scenes will see others pulling in the opposite direction.

LEO: You will have more luck with job or career prospects now. Check it out. Take time.

VIRGO: You are more set in your ways and this will be respected. Keep going along now.

LIBRA: Check timing for the most effect. Information can be brought forward directly.

SCORPIO: Chat or meet in secret. Look at all sides of the picture to make gains. Sign.

SAGITTARIUS: Turn the page in what you do or expect. New moon favours advancement.

CAPRICORN: Communicate over distance or with those in authority. State your position.

AQUARIUS: What you want will have to be blended with how things really are. Relax.

PISCES: You want change and you let others know how much. Organize pecking order.

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