Horoscope Aug. 7-13

OVERVIEW: The full moon highlights justice on a larger scale. Those with strong ego’s try to interpret this to fit their own agenda. Others observing will see through it quickly. Aggressive or threatening words or actions will have to be curbed. A private chat would be helpful to decide what is relevant now. Certain matters reach a conclusion or just get tossed aside. Rug pulling can be a back and forth situation with no real winner. Secret or clandestine relationships continue. Some have a future and others don’t. Avoid deluding self or others. Look for concrete support systems or backing as words alone become empty promises. Get things in writing.

ARIES: You put on a brave or confident face to see how others will act or react. Keep your cool.

TAURUS: You will feel more convinced of your choices as you want to move forward freely.

GEMINI: Behind the scenes maneuvers could affect you as well as others tied into the situation.

CANCER: Horns are locked over who owes who or issues of control over money or assets etc.

LEO: Shifts in loyalty can lead to exposing things meant to remain hidden. Meet up in person.

VIRGO: Try to work with those who have some influence over your future as you go forward.

LIBRA: Breaking free from one situation will land you in another. Think it over carefully now.

SCORPIO: Your status or reputation is influenced by others or location choices. Check info.

SAGITTARIUS: Distance matters require some attention. Keep certain details confidential.

CAPRICORN: Discuss financial future and where to go from here. Avoid using credit for it.

AQUARIUS: Your emotions are strong and focused in prime areas of concern. Settle this.

PISCES: Play cards close to the vest. Look deeper to prove any of your important points.

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