Horoscope: July 24-30


Moderation will be key as some want to kick over the traces in personal or business.

Keep your wits about you as the lure is for their benefit and not yours. Don’t get caught in compromising positions.

Communications could be leaked or overheard so button up. It’s hard to take things back. Threats may actually be carried out personally or globally. There is much tension in the air.

The New Moon allows a chance to start over. Keep reins on ego as well as finances. Wording will tip the scale. Disclosure needs to be backed up with facts.

Flights should be planned with care or alternate routs as issues cause frustration. Stay put.

ARIES: Personal ambitions will have some influence on where you will live. It has to be practical.

TAURUS: Control issues cause emotional conversations. Make sure you are prepared for them.

GEMINI: Those trying to pull rank are not as confident as they want others to think. Wait it out.

CANCER: Value comes up for review. Soft peddle regrets. Don’t count on others for support.

LEO: Sabre rattling is not the way to rise to the top. Avoid giving away you plans to get there.

VIRGO: Trying to get away from it all lands you into another situation. Rely on your patience.

LIBRA: Don’t let others talk you into something. Guard finances and assets. You can manage.

SCORPIO: Jealousy causes you to take a stronger stand and weather the storm. Walk it off.

SAGITTARIUS: Unexpected communications connect you to distance. Discuss it in private.

CAPRICORN: Avoid those trying to tell you your worth. Your track record speaks volumes.

AQUARIUS: Work with others or those in charge to arrive at proper decisions. It will be OK.

PISCES: Don’t get swept up in others issues. This could trigger position changes or other.

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