February 17-23

Look at the big picture as the week begins. Some changes are likely, but the results will have a positive outcome in the long run. Business and personal can be blended together when cooperation is gained for the good of all.

Mercury resumes forward motion on Monday. It will again be okay to sign things and make decisions. Some past problems or other "glitches" can be taken care of. Matters of power of control can become more equal as each one's value is assessed. Keep egos out of it.

The full moon on Wednesday throws the spotlight on emotional details. Make sure you have all the facts before reacting. Don't dither or dwell on things too much. Relax.

  • Aries - Make sure you can physically do all that you have planned. Don't go overboard.
  • Taurus - Pay close attention to matters related to the past. Pace yourself with paperwork.
  • Gemini - You will find that you have additional assets or other value. It adds security.
  • Cancer - A powerful feeling of emotion will change the way you see your future.
  • Leo - Decisions that affect your relationships will affect business or personal areas.
  • Virgo - You will have more influence over others than expected. Hold your ground.
  • Libra - It will be up to you regarding how much information should come out now.
  • Scorpio - You will enjoy the company of major players you will fit right in with them.
  • Sagittarius - Your position is enhanced and you feel good about the future and finances.
  • Capricorn - Use your knowledge and talents to climb the ladder of success - you can.
  • Aquarius - You can be a force of one. Use inside information to get desired results.
  • Pisces - Mate or partnership arrangements will have a powerful effect on your future.

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