Horoscope June 19-25

OVERVIEW: Gather yourselves together after the emotional intensity of last weeks full moon. There is always a levelling point. Look at what is to be gained by any actions taken. If you are not in a winning position then wait for a better time. This is not the time to slide back with regrets. Enhance personal relationships in an easy going manner. Decide where to go from here. Certain matters have reached completion, sign where needed. Rule of law prevails in most areas.

Aries: Talks will make you more optimistic. If travel is required, go ahead or you can meet half way.

Taurus: What goes on behind closed doors can be a game-changer. Play along to get answers.

Gemini: Contact those over distance who may be in the right position to assist. Its OK to ask.

Cancer: You lay on the charm as you want to have more influence near or far. Check qualifications.

Leo: Private backing or support works for you as long as you can keep the limelight over them.

Virgo: Gather information or increase knowledge that you can use down the road. Ease worries.

Libra: Its fine to make promises as long as you know how they will manifest. Follow your gut.

Scorpio: You hold the key to important matters affecting others. There are confidential aspects.

Sagittarius: Join forces with other to a point. You like your independence. Be more relaxed.

Capricorn: Focus efforts in a worthwhile direction. You will make important headway on this.

Aquarius: Private matters need your attention right now. Consult with professionals of note.

Pisces: You see a pathway for hopes and wishes as dreams develop. Stay hands-on with this.

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