January 13-19

Take time to analyze things as the week begins. Prepare for a business or other ambitious agenda to move forward on Monday. Check out equipment or other mechanical things to be sure there won't be any delays. Get things moving.

Love or relationship matters can be taken to another level. Look deeply into each other's hearts. This can be a fun or entertaining process.

Brilliant solutions are found for a number of problems some will be praised. New gadgets or technical advances will make communications better. This will get results. Passions rise. It will be important to avoid uncontrolled excesses. Just relax instead.

  • Aries - You can juggle delicate matters or relationships. Love will grow in lovely ways.
  • Taurus - Take a look at what work will be involved in your future plans. Re-evaluate.
  • Gemini - You have great ideas of solutions at your fingertips. Other are jealous.
  • Cancer - Pay close attention to health matters for yourself or others. Consult about it.
  • Leo - Avoid competitions when it comes to relationships. There could be surprises.
  • Virgo - Your creativity blossoms in your environment or that of others. Be inventive.
  • Libra - Relationships are dreamy or theatrical. Meet in secret or travel to be together.
  • Scorpio - What you have or what you know is worth more than you think. Go for it.
  • Sagittarius - Be adaptable about where you want to be or who you will be with.
  • Capricorn - Private deals will bring you gains or profit. Last minute changes occur.
  • Aquarius - Your thoughts or words can be powerful, romantic or poetic. Connect.
  • Pisces - Don't let the cat out of the bag until you know when to make your play.

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