Predictions for 2008

The Year is ruled by the #1 and #10,(2008 added together). It corresponds to the Magician and the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot Cards. These are powerful cards.

The year of the Rat begins Feb. 7, 2008. Events from the previous year will continue and blend around that time.

There will be many surprises this year and secrets revealed. Efforts will be made to help the needy more.

Keywords for the year will be: justice, honesty, order, inventions, discipline and security.

There will be "0" tolerance for things. Things will move between 0 to 10.
Zero aircraft and other warplanes in focus as well as UFO activity.
Reputation and image will be important. Some changed forever. An ambitious year.

Many opportunities will need timing to gain from them.

  • The #1 year means the singles scene will be hot as many look for their soul mates. A year full of gossip. The rags will try to outdo each other.
    Traps will be set to catch some two-legged rats. Pay attention to the new kind of "cheese" available. It won't be good for you.

  • #1 connects to the head area. Many will need to get their mind or thoughts in order etc. A focus on mind control - past or present.
    Some will "rat" on others as information comes out or they turn on each other. Wire taps will help. Read lips if needed.

  • #1 goes with that which is light, bright and sunny and warm for the most part. There will be some grey, rainy days and problems from flooding and ice damage. Quake and volcanic activity continues in old and new areas. Others will quake in their boots over legal matters.

  • #1 takes us back to the beginning of time, man and the Garden of Eden. Many questions are asked as a search for faith and the meaning of life becomes more important. Get rid of spiritual and material debt. Go back to basics or square 1. Step out of the rat race.

    Their will be amazing sights in the sky - look up. Listen for related sounds. Pay attention to asteroids and mars as well as sun spot activity.

  • #1 will focus on units and unions, as well as re-unification. There will be great efforts to control chaos on many levels. Coups likely.

  • #1 relates to the $ or buck. Follow that and the markets. Things go UP. This will cause some corrections as many try to grab profit out of the confusion.

    Metals are favoured in particular gold, silver and copper. This will influence fashion trends as well.

  • #1 goes with leaders. There will be changes or decisions about who will be in charge or wear the "crown" of the office. The surprise element will work here.

    Self-esteem will be important as we realize that attitude is altitude. Education is important.

    An increase in grey power as older people go back to work. Retirement is a non-issue.

    Some countries in the news will be: Dubai, Chile, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Cairo and Egypt, to name a few.

    Some names in the news will be: Jully, Sindi, Gordon, Mickey, Minnie and Mighty Mouse the Salvation Army and Grey.

    Happy New Year,

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