Horoscope: Dec. 19-25

OVERVIEW: Wrap things up and put some of it in storage. Change leads to closure in various areas. For some it is a step up and for others it will be less responsibility. Cozy time together will undercover more of what you have in common. This can be a game changer in some relationships, so going forward be true to yourself. Private wishes can still come true in miraculous ways. Feelings blossom as they should. Important mergers, marriages or partnerships are in focus. Decide which one is a priority with plans or negotiations involved. You need to connect with individuals of influence who can pull the necessary strings for you. Happy holidays.

ARIES: You can get the support of others for the position you seek as you are qualified to do it.

TAURUS: You have reached a point of no return. Decide on where changes are most needed.

GEMINI: You have increased access to others’ funds or assets. Private arrangements made.

CANCER: Consult with those who can help you move your agenda in the direction you want.

LEO: You are the star in almost any area. Your talent and generosity is applauded by many.

VIRGO: Trust your instincts this week and lucky things can happen to you. Agree to terms.

LIBRA: Many want to be around you or your welcoming environment. Gather with friends.

SCORPIO: You have a way with words and this brings others onside with what you want.

SAGITTARIUS: Financial arrangements are positive and evolve in ways you were hoping.

CAPRICORN: Dress the part and you will fit right in or be invited to participate later.

AQUARIUS: Behind the scenes matters come together and you will like where it’s headed.

PISCES: Consult with important or wealthy people. Check over documents related to this.

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