Horoscope: Dec. 5-11

OVERVIEW: Gaslighter”s and spinners try to avoid being questioned and pressed to provide clarity. They think they are so good at it that others don’t notice any more. It’s just that people are tired and stressed over much more important things. Plans to get away from it all will come together. A time out on many levels is helpful. The status of rulers or those in charge will be discussed more openly. Names put forward as to who is best suited will be tossed around. Some with control issues will show their true colours. Compromises can be made. Its always good to take extra time on making choices if you are not under the pressure of a timeline.

ARIES: The support of others will help you attain a more secure position if you just ask them.

TAURUS: Tug a bit more on reins that are key to progress or getting things done on time.

GEMINI: Carry on as is until you secure your power base. This will be important to check.

CANCER:: Confidential talks may need careful handling to avoid emotional control issues.

LEO: Keep finances or assets private for now if you need to make any changes privately.

VIRGO: Your push for more freedom may still require certain protocols or adjustments.

LIBRA: Look at what it will cost to make residential or location choices. Be practical now.

SCORPIO: Give out info on a need to know basis for now. Pull others parts together etc.

SAGITTARIUS: Power behind the scenes is decisive as matters are steered toward goals.

CAPRICORN: Private conversations need to be continued until it is safe to share them.

AQUARIUS: Take command if others need you too. They have faith in your abilities.

PISCES: Your charm sways others to your way of thinking. Navigate to an agreement.

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