November 11-17

Many will be moved by ceremonies. Some will be inspired to clarify or change their beliefs. Choose which path you want to follow.

There is some confusion in the air, let the fog or mist clear. Dreaming could be off track. Avoid actions that are triggered be others or by sensational promotions etc. Take off the rose colored glasses when it comes to mate or partnership matters.

There is a feeling of optimism by Thursday. Seek favors or advancement. The wealthy or powerful are helpful. Dress to impress. Consult lawyers, ministers or those in the position of authority. Make relationship commitments.

  • Aries-Look at papers or documents. Important contacts give you information you need.
  • Taurus-Time is on your side. Use tried and true methods to achieve your goals.
  • Gemini-Play your cards close to the vest for best results. Let others show their hand.
  • Cancer-A choice to stay or go can affect home, location or occupation. Settle it.
  • Leo-You have ways to impress others without going to great expense. Talent shows.
  • Virgo-There are grey areas to work out to have a better meeting of the minds.
  • Libra-You will benefit personally through areas of investment or public appearances.
  • Scorpio-What goes on behind the scenes will end up affecting relationship levels.
  • Sagittarius-You have the support you need to act as leader or the one in charge.
  • Capricorn-Your feelings about things are on the mark and increase your confidence.
  • Aquarius-You are included in the realm of the powerful or wealthy. You belong there.
  • Pisces-Your wishes or choices get positive support over distance or from others.

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