Horoscope: Oct. 31-Nov. 6

OVERVIEW: Dig out numbers and contacts you had before to see if there is any mutual interest personally or in business. Correct what went wrong if that was an issue. Improve relations domestically or globally and try to maintain any confidences. Many are weary and need to recharge on all levels. Information comes forward that could bring about a change of position for those who are past their best before date. This will affect income as well so work out a plan. Keep your dignity with the changing of the guard. Being a sore loser is not how you want to be remembered. The new moon in scorpio makes some interactions a bit more tense. Pause.

ARIES: if your demands can’t be met you may have to look at alternate positions. Think it over.

TAURUS: Handle drama the best way you can near or far. Others two cents does not help much.

GEMINI: Rug pulling behind the scenes just ends up with new rules to the game. Alter position.

CANCER: Decisions regarding locations are inevitable. Others seem to have more influence.

LEO: Status could change suddenly. Be prepared to wing it where necessary. You can do this.

VIRGO: Timing is not the best to push for change if the circumstances are uncertain for now.

LIBRA: Plan surprises but be prepared for a reaction you may not have expected at this time.

SCORPIO: Use all your people skills to get everything going in a positive direction or switch.

SAGITTARIUS: Handle the unusual or unexpected. There could be a layer of confidentiality.

CAPRICORN: Income and security increases. Unusual conditions may apply to end result.

AQUARIUS: Travel plans could have some expenses covered for you. Negotiate the terms.

PISCES: Power people have your back or an interest in what you are planning to do next.

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