Horoscope Oct. 24-30

OVERVIEW: A change of tactics will help to smooth over any areas of tension near or far. There is opportunity to get everyone working towards the same goals even though they may come at them from different angles. Egos or personal belief systems will influence how some approach this. Those with illusions of importance or self serving will have to sit back and adjust expectations. Let emotions settle down before making any demands as you don’t want to appear needy. Take extra time to investigate or research the facts before pushing your agenda. It may not be what you want in the end anyway. Be ready to switch lanes at a moments notice.

ARIES: Weigh responsibilities against compensation. Joint money or assets need balance now.

TAURUS: You do better when you have the final say or carry most of the load. Others relax.

GEMINI: Turn a corner or try to conclude outstanding matters as they have run their course.

CANCER: Have a plan B as those you counted on may not step up to the plate as you hoped.

LEO: Keep an eye on the fluctuation of values when selling or converting into other forms.

VIRGO: Work with those in the know or who have some authority over things you need etc.

LIBRA: Avoid taking chances or gambling on a whim. Follow a more secure path from now.

SCORPIO: Step up to the plate as others seem to lack confidence at the moment. You're it.

SAGITTARIUS: Divulge information in a more classified way to anyone with authority now.

CAPRICORN: Your thumb on the scale is a calming influence with any who are mixed up.

AQUARIUS: Your status rises as others see your wisdom and expertise in important areas.

PISCES: Pull strings behind the scenes quietly and you will get further ahead than before.

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