Horoscope: Oct. 17-23

OVERVIEW: The push for action is more intense with the full moon energy coupled with mercury’s return to apparent forward motion. There will be greater focus on getting going or at least catching up. Try to maintain a position on any ground gained. Some are more interested in working their fantasies into more realistic form or framework. Let go if it does not manifest. Discuss funding with those in control of it or who will be affected by it. Positions shift or change by choice or not as decisions are made. Romantic relationships deepen as they are ready to pop the question so consider your answer. Buy time if you need to. Assess the responsibilities etc.

ARIES: You can convince others to come on board by telling them whats in it for them as well.

TAURUS: Dealing with important matters may have to be handled over distance for awhile.

GEMINI: Some pressure is applied to get information or funding. Navigate this very carefully.

CANCER: Do what you can as others may not be as helpful as you thought. Drop deadwood.

LEO: You may have to rein in your enthusiasm as others are not able to handle it as it is.

VIRGO: Work within rules or structures to gain better status or income while others wait.

LIBRA: Decisions are made and the push is on. This causes a move or change of venue.

SCORPIO: A lot goes on behind the scenes but you are a natural at handling covert info.

SAGITTARIUS: Compare notes with those who have influence or authority. Sort it out.

CAPRICORN: Be the one to keep others on track and all will benefit in the end results.

AQUARIUS: Serious matters will need to be handled in a professional manner. It works.

PISCES: Press for deadlines to be met in a timely manner. This will benefit all involved.

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