Horoscope: Oct. 10-16

OVERVIEW: Negotiate the long game and what it will be worth in practical terms going forward. Some are at personal intersections in life and need to decide it they have had enough or just want change. If a position is comfortable and secure then its ok to step back and enjoy life a bit more. There is no need to climb every mountain you encounter. Working with those who are well connected or in places of authority will make things easier all round. Brushes with royalty or the rich and famous will be opportune as well. Mercury in retrograde continues so no rush to sign anything unless you are selling. Next week is better for that. Empty trash etc.

ARIES: Check rules and legal status before taking any action. Bide your time with all of this.

TAURUS: Career or business plans unfold in productive ways. You can ease your grip now.

GEMINI: You will have added luck personally or financially. Play to win in all areas. Deal.

CANCER: Organize matters related to residence or property. This includes renovations etc.

LEO: Make plans with others where all will benefit. A pleasant arrangement will develop.

VIRGO: Income or security will be confirmed or you will be in touch with those in charge.

LIBRA: Relax and have a time out. Dust off your creativity or join in with others for fun.

SCORPIO: Seclusion in a special place is worth it no matter the cost or location. Relax.

SAGITTARIUS: Love and loyalty are discussed or shown. This will be important ahead.

CAPRICORN: Arrange for different or more steady income. Decide level or responsibility.

AQUARIUS: Feel more settled in your position or what you know. Confidence increases.

PISCES: Patience pays off when waiting for others to respond. It works for everyone.

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