Horoscope: Sept. 26-Oct. 2

OVERVIEW: Release pressure or take foot off the gas as mercury turns retrograde for the next few weeks. This pause can work to advantage for those needing to buy some time. Official matters written in stone may continue but anything not secured will be reviewed to see where it can be updated. Legal challenges should be gone through point by point. Agree on final draft that all involved can live with. Relationships reach a new depth of unity as true feelings are discussed. Loving thoughts can now be spoken. Those who need to step aside will see the writing on the wall; don’t cling. Settle anything outstanding and move on. Dump your baggage.

ARIES: Meet with those who stood by you before as you need each other again. Discuss plans.

TAURUS: Take steps to secure or solidify your future even if you have to navigate circumstances.

GEMINI: Mix business with pleasure and it will benefit all involved. the personal touch will work.

CANCER: Home or location choices are affected by others. A connection to the past is likely.

LEO: Joint efforts still work out even if you have to take on more of the responsibility for them.

VIRGO: Benefits come your way now. Just follow the agreed upon process. Relax the details.

LIBRA: You can be more assertive now. Firm, polite dialogue gets you further ahead as well.

SCORPIO: Keep certain information under wraps for a little while longer. Get together soon.

SAGITTARIUS: An open time line on when to schedule meetings or events works. Discuss it.

CAPRICORN: You are the glue that holds everyone or everything together in organized way.

AQUARIUS: You have influence behind the scenes and are seen as key to the end results.

PISCES: Your charm attracts love, money or influence. Lay out what you really want now.

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