Horoscope: Sept. 19-25

OVERVIEW: Shuffling the deck chairs on the ship won’t make it float any better. A lack of intelligence and know how will cause disarray in more than one area. There is a need to call in the experts; rely on their known track record. Emotions are riding the tide of the full moon at the beginning of the week; get this under control. Allow someone that everyone can respect to take the helm. Some infighting over funds can be brought to a more realistic conclusion. Greedy ones will show their hand and it will get slapped. Adjust rules or protocols to fit current situations. Manage on the fly as a settling point will calm the waters when everyone agrees on it.

ARIES: Paint a clear picture that shows where the past in transitionsing towards the future.

TAURUS: Surprise catches others off guard or out of their comfort zone. Make it fun if allowed.

GEMINI: You have the right connections to get around blocks or those trying to interfere now.

CANCER: Unusual people get involved in your situation. Make sure the facts are made clear.

LEO: Sudden opportunity sees you scouting out a venue or location that is more suitable.

VIRGO: You say the right things to get others to see your point. Continue building on that.

LIBRA: Come out from behind the scenes and show where you stand. Pull others together.

SCORPIO: Taking command in different way can shake the status quo. Stand strong now.

SAGITTARIUS: Rely on connections to pull strings for you in areas of importance or gains.

CAPRICORN: You work with a timeline to get things moving along. Allow for adjustments.

AQUARIUS: Other want information from you in a covert manner. Connection to distance.

PISCES: Check the way things are and see where cost effective improvements will work.

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