Horoscope: August 22-28

OVERVIEW: The full moon increases emotion globally as there is a ray of hope. Those most affected need to pitch in whatever capacity they can. There are no magic wands. Prayer works to unite and comfort. Put the right people in charge of a stable financial plan as this will matter. Keep certain info between a select few until everything is secured. Announcements can be a red herring or lost leader. Confirm facts and funding as things progress; words and promises are not enough now. Settle anything outstanding in order to move forward as best as can be achieved. Leadership issues reach a selection stage. Get decision makers in place to do it.

ARIES: Meet behind closed doors to work out a game plan that will work. Discuss pecking order.

TAURUS: You rise to the top or assume a more responsible position. This is easy for you to do.

GEMINI: Others see you in a different light. You are able to change the narrative where needed.

CANCER: Consult with others near or far. Surprise information needs attention to deal with it.

LEO: Your instincts are sharp right now and you see the value that others may miss right now.

VIRGO: You need a break and can have one as long as you don’t go too far. Pick a location.

LIBRA: Avoid prying eyes until a plan comes together. They don’t need to know all the details.

SCORPIO: Others may be surprised to hear what you have to say. Your perspective is unique.

SAGITTARIUS: You become more recognized or public now. Others are interested. Speak out.

CAPRICORN: Your ability to charm opens doors or gives you the advantage. Step into place.

AQUARIUS: Show strength to those around you who may need this. Be generous and calm.

PISCES: Increase the level of personal comfort and privacy. You can include select company.

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