Horoscope: August 15-21

OVERVIEW: An emotional response has an effect on those at the top. It's time to take a realistic look at who really belongs there. Put illusionary expectations aside. The wrong people in place creates a situation that will have to be straightened out later at a greater cost. Expose lies before they grow legs as this will matter. Plans to expand or reach other locals seems timely. Those put into key positions should be able to handle this in their own language if necessary. Patience pays off where the competition seems to be fading away. A lot of running around take care of some business while certain other things are being lined up for later. Prioritize now.

ARIES: If your position or situation is not a good fit then it's time to negotiate your own terms.

TAURUS: Locations affect status or security for you or those you care about. Take a long look.

GEMINI: Confidential talks lead to plans to travel. Get together with those important to you now.

CANCER: Be in touch with certain people who could hold the keys to your agenda or situation.

LEO: Take the lead if others can’t make up their minds. Explain the financial requirements, etc.

VIRGO: Changes you consider will enhance freedom or mobility. Follow through on promises.

LIBRA: Dress to impress or upgrade your image. You attract the eye of those well connected.

SCORPIO: Your reputation and influence will affect action for positive change. Let it evolve.

SAGITTARIUS: Your connections grow further afield. Opportunities arise. Take advantage.

CAPRICORN: Others are more willing to take your advice now as they need your expertise.

AQUARIUS: Pull a rabbit out of the hat. There is luck for you financially or other areas now.

PISCES: Seek to communicate in ways that will have the desired effect. Actions are timely.

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