Horoscope: August 8-14

OVERVIEW: Financial transactions should work out in various forms with equal value or trade. Passionate determination moves mountains. Funding goals can be reached or exceeded. Some want to be anonymous for now and that is fine. The new moon in Leo raises concerns about how things will look or affect reputation, etc. Make sure promises are followed up as others are counting on this. Those working at cross purposes need to compare notes to establish common ground or succession. Keep discussions short and in point form so as not to waste time or resources. Try your luck on friday the 13th. I have always found it to be an important day.

ARIES: Your poker face is your power at the moment. Let others do most of the talking first.

TAURUS: Pull plans together near or far. You are ambitious and want to see more action now.

GEMINI: You seek support in areas that make you feel more secure. Look at base of operations.

CANCER: As you try to nail down details you collect information and contacts to work with, etc.

LEO: Keep what you can from the past but move with the times. This will benefit your future.

VIRGO: Make changes or improvements to yourself or surroundings. Negotiate easy terms.

LIBRA: Secret passions can reach the next level or be fulfilled. Spend cozy time together.

SCORPIO: Those in your circle of influence support you or sing your praises. Be gracious.

SAGITTARIUS: Your powerful reputation attracts additional income or other benefits now.

CAPRICORN: Show others what they need to know. You have a natural ability to educate.

AQUARIUS: Private deals can work for you short or long term. Collect relevant information.

PISCES: Looks passed between you and others makes it clear how you feel. Meet privately.

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