Horoscope: August 1-7

OVERVIEW: An intersection or break point is reached. Some step back or drop off as others continue on the path. It's time to decide where you stand on a lot of things. You might call it a period of reckoning. In any case think carefully before taking action. Don’t let guilt or hindsight sway you. The past is the past. Sudden outbursts of emotion do not win you any fans. Gather the courage to step out of your familiar surroundings or comfort zone in career or personal areas. Relationships would need an adjustment after this. Adapt to changes as long as it is a step forward. Write your own ticket if you know what you want or how to get it. Break from negativity.

ARIES: Power plays cause heated words. Avoid taking unnecessary actions. It will settle down.

TAURUS: Your influence affects others who count on your support financially or otherwise now.

GEMINI: Handle the unexpected by producing evidence or support to make them understood.

CANCER: Focus on security, money or assets. Those you counted on may have other priorities.

LEO: Relationships have an effect on status or reputation so choose your associates carefully.

VIRGO: Work with those in positions of authority. Explain what you need and what they provide.

LIBRA: Allow others to show their hand before you play yours. Gather necessary information.

SCORPIO: You have the ability to influence decisions affecting those waiting to hear from you.

SAGITTARIUS: Give decisions consideration before making them final as it affects status quo.

CAPRICORN: Look at future direction and financial stability going forward. It will matter soon.

AQUARIUS: Make choices with mate, partner, home or property matters. it seems timely now.

PISCES: A lot goes on behind the scenes or at administrative levels. Follow proper protocols.

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