Horoscope: July 25-31

OVERVIEW: Look for firm footing among illusion. Dig for proof or facts before accepting things at face value. Power plays continue in a more subtle way; careful who you trust with confidential information going forward. Clear communication will enhance new or renewed relationships. Avoid being too flip with those who are more sensitive. Mend fences where possible as this will make things more pleasant for all involved. Major financial decisions need to be discussed among all those who will be affected by them. Love can blossom in unlikely places among unusual people. See what you have in common and make plans accordingly. Enjoy each other.

ARIES: Be willing to make necessary changes to strengthen your position in personal or business.

TAURUS: You feel you need a break or just want to shake things up. Follow your heart intentions.

GEMINI: You can work from home or alternate locations. Handle this in a confidential manner now.

CANCER: Deal with things over distance as it would take extra effort to do this on site. Patience.

LEO: You benefit from the good will of others as they show how much you are valued. Go to lunch.

VIRGO: You show your emotions to those you would like a response from. Things get resolved.

LIBRA: Praise or appreciation comes your way. You will realize you have been helpful to them.

SCORPIO: Put in an appearance as others want to hear from you. Be calm and reassuring, etc.

SAGITTARIUS: You will exude confidence and leadership. Others see you as a beacon of hope.

CAPRICORN: Make arrangements financially to feel more stable or secure going forward now.

AQUARIUS: Relationships go to another level where loving devotion increases between you.

PISCES: Let others know how much they are needed depending on the situation as it stands.

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