Horoscope: July 11-17

OVERVIEW: This will be an emotional week with heightened passions. They play out in a positive or negative way depending on the situation. Many will wear their hearts on their sleeves. Make sure care is given to the right ones. Those who have been harbouring secret feelings for someone will have the urge to speak up. Make sure the coast is clear so neither will be embarrassed by this. Have an exit plan if it does not go the way you expected. It could be a timing issue if either is going through a break-up or grieving. Avoid bending the rules or taking shortcuts. True love will win out when all is said and done. Nurture this in a cozy environment. Hugs.

ARIES: Choose where to meet so there will be a degree of privacy. Decide what you need or want.

TAURUS: Keep a light touch with matters over distance. Others step up to the plate or help out.

GEMINI: Your words or communications are passionate or poetic much to the delight of others now.

CANCER: You show your emotions more over finances or assets especially those jointly held, etc.

LEO: Strut your stuff and make an impression. You can influence others more easily than before.

VIRGO: Those in positions of power are on your side so you can explain what you really want.

LIBRA: Accept praise, awards or other perks that come your way. You deserve all you can get.

SCORPIO: Your popularity is on the rise so step into the spotlight. Let information flow forward.

SAGITTARIUS: Connections over distance deepen or solidify. Negotiate special term with them.

CAPRICORN: Your value rises and others are willing to pay what you are worth. Discuss deals.

AQUARIUS: Relationships reach the partner or marriage state. It has to empower both to work.

PISCES: Associates are helpful in ways that all involved will benefit. Get the ball rolling to gain.

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