Horoscope: July 4-10

OVERVIEW: The new moon in cancer will focus on domestic issues. There is change in how these matters are handled. Many feel very unsettled. New or unusual agreements bring unlikely associates together as they need each other for now. Move by choice or not; regroup. Seek compensation or better conditions. For some there will be no turning back so make plans. Look for hidden messages in the wording of information of all types. Listen carefully to any dog whistles. Those in positions of leadership or responsibility may have to go it alone for a bit to see what happens. Stick to the tried and true to hold positions or keep things on track for now.

ARIES: Be the one willing to make final choices regarding location of home or office for you or them.

TAURUS: Duties or responsibilities need an adjustment to be more effective now. Discuss priorities.

GEMINI: Surprises or disclosures throw a different light on situations. Coordinate agendas or rules.

CANCER: Stepping forward will shine a light on the past or track records. Get into certain details.

LEO: Your charm and persuasive talents convince others to see your point of view. Chat casually.

VIRGO: Private talks relax certain worries about the future. Adjust your expectations with theirs.

LIBRA: Handle closure in a balanced, relaxed manner. Advance your regular agenda to benefit.

SCORPIO: You are the bright, positive one that attracts the most attention. Fan base is growing.

SAGITTARIUS: Powerful connections over distance reach a deeper level of commitment or love.

CAPRICORN: Shift gears a bit to suit your financial situation or those you count on. Show faith.

AQUARIUS: Relationships deepen no matter what the age difference. Consider your options.

PISCES: Limitations require careful timing. You have some influence over others futures. Meet.

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