Horoscope: June 27-July 3


Change is in the wind by choice or not, so try to roll with it. This shakes up the status quo as well.

Strange weather conditions are likely to occur. Problems with security can be sudden or unexpected. The ability to cope is tested; do what you can.

Independence is limited temporarily. Rebellions and conflicts need to be handled directly.

Those in control may have to lay down the law hard and fast out of necessity. Stay out of the way.

Job or career changes are due. Some retire while others take their place.

Make sure emotions mixed with temper don’t cause this to happen ahead of practical choice. Proper timing is opportune. Relax. Segway.

ARIES: Tune others up if they need it. Some think they can gain from what you have worked for.

TAURUS: Do your best to shift responsibilities to where they belong. Some are more reluctant.

GEMINI: Deal with papers, documents or gossip to calm troubled waters. Take more control.

CANCER: Limits on funds could extend to anything jointly held. Work around the restrictions.

LEO: Let your true feelings be known and you may be surprised by the reactions you get now.

VIRGO: Plan of action going forward will be influenced by those who make decisions for you.

LIBRA: Relationships will be affected by financial status or reputation. Discuss the details, etc.

SCORPIO: Take a stronger stand or position even if you have to be the lone ranger with this.

SAGITTARIUS: Matters over distance need direct communication. Use your natural charms.

CAPRICORN: Look at finances connected to others. Compare the past with what you want.

AQUARIUS: Stand strong in your position and convince others to see where you are headed.

PISCES: Patience may be tested when having to work with restrictions. Time actions for now.

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