Horoscope: June 20-26


Mercury resumes forward motion this week, allowing plans and projects to advance.

Take care of backlog or anything that is time sensitive. Scout locations that would be suitable to live or work.

Settle or something that won’t need a lot of upkeep as you still want to be able to come and go for short or long periods of time. Align work to provide balance.

Take a look at where you are headed and want to be in the future. Just change what you can and let the rest go or hand off to someone else.

The sun moves into the sign of Cancer placing a stronger focus on family and domestic issues.

Band together to give each other needed support.

ARIES: Meet with others is private or discuss things on secure communications. Relax your stress.

TAURUS: Be in touch with those who can support or assist with your agenda. Arrange schedules.

GEMINI: Negotiate easy terms that allow you to step up the ladder. Positions are available. Climb.

CANCER: Contact over distance provides information that will help you with choices you make.

LEO: Assess what you have against what you need to move forward. Take the easiest route, etc.

VIRGO: Sort out feelings you have for someone and how they feel about you. Settle differences.

LIBRA: You are the most suitable candidate for any position among a group or office setting now.

SCORPIO: Calm others worries by shouldering responsibility above and beyond the call of duty.

SAGITTARIUS: Major financial arrangements benefit you in dealing with property or assets, etc.

CAPRICORN: Positive relationships develop near or far. There is good will from the past for you.

AQUARIUS: Your earning capacity increases in a natural way. Keep relationships confidential.

PISCES: Speak in a calm, reassuring way and others will accept your directives and help out.

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