Horoscope: June 13-19


Rug pulling behind the scenes between those who don’t see eye to eye can actually evolve into a sharing situation.

Each will need to agree to what they will get instead of having it all. Other deals can be made later.

Private agendas have a way of leaking out. Make sure what you agree to is something you can live with.

Sudden endings occur when the truth comes out. Listen to what your instincts are telling you.

Prepare things to be sold by choice or necessity; it will be a relief. Wishes can come true in unusual or unexpected ways.

It’s time to decide where you want to be in job, career or location. Move into a more comfortable situation to suit you.

ARIES: Put your normal go-getter energy on hold as you wait for others to catch up to you now.

TAURUS: Your all-or-nothing mood affects relationships on various levels. Stay strong on points.

GEMINI: What you say or do now will influence the tide of events affecting others around you.

CANCER: Behind the scenes actions become part of a chain linking finding solutions to issues.

LEO: Important connections or associates pull strings for you to move agenda forward easily.

VIRGO: You have others support even if they can’t do it openly. Make arrangements to meet.

LIBRA: You come out on top and this will boost your status or reputation. Smile, wave, be seen.

SCORPIO: You benefit from others money or resources. You are key to the deciding vote now.

SAGITTARIUS: Relationships deepen and you feel the bond. Plan special activities to share.

CAPRICORN: Your generous efforts attract luck to you in unexpected ways. Go with the flow.

AQUARIUS: Stand firm in what you want or where you want to be. Check out alternate places.

PISCES: Smile as you know what is going on while others are still guessing. Pause for them.

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