Horoscope: May 23-29


A Little gas-lighting gets thrown into speculation.

Keep an eye on who falls for it and you will see where the weak link is. Some act like a team player when they are actually looking for a foothold that lets them rise above everyone else.

Be selective with confidential information to weed them out. The full moon lunar eclipse usually bring about closure to some degree as things are eclipsed out.

This includes relationships of all types personal or business. Look at it as a form of spring cleaning.

The interpretation of rules or protocol will undergo changes to better suit the way things are now.

Mercury turns retrograde, throwing gears in reverse.

ARIES: Calm your natural fire so others will be more accepting of what you want from them now.

TAURUS: You are seen as a good horse to bet on and rules could be bent in your favour. Meet.

GEMINI: You shine in all areas and will be able to influence those in positions of authority, etc.

CANCER: You will be in seclusion by choice or not. Regroup or recover. Organize information.

LEO: Others admire your ability to connect with powerful or influential individuals. Advise them.

VIRGO: You have influence remotely if you not able to be there in person. Make location choices.

LIBRA: Put your knowledge or expertise on display. This will help you achieve certain goals.

SCORPIO: You have your hands on the reins financially or with assets. Pull them to benefit.

SAGITTARIUS: Relationships tighten or reach a deeper level of commitment. Show feelings.

CAPRICORN: What you do and how you do it is admired and appreciated. Put heart into it.

AQUARIUS: You are lucky in love and money now so take a chance. You can smile secretly.

PISCES: Changes with residence or how you live are open for discussion. Be negotiable now.

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