Horoscope: May 16-22


Positions of importance or leadership are settled one way or another.

Others centre around to give support or back away from objections to it.

Dignity and self-confidence add an air of stability allowing them to realize there was no other choice.

Second-class egos recede to the back seat. Decisions and plans move forward now. Complete important details; sign to make it official.

Communications or confidential talks will calm those who have doubts. Gain trust with the direction competitions take.

Remember the old saying about how you should keep your enemies closer. Get confirmation regarding funding or profit sharing etc. Coast.

ARIES: The role you take on comes with added income or other perks. Have this written in to it.

TAURUS: A step-by-step approach helps you navigate around those who try to compete with you.

GEMINI: Confidential connections are pleased with your take on things and will stand on guard.

CANCER: Explain your situation to those with the power to help. Stick to the proof or evidence.

LEO: You can achieve most of what you want without having to spend much. Compare budgets.

VIRGO: Work with the rules or arrangements to ease into a more relaxed routine you can follow.

LIBRA: An opportunity to get away may still require that you take some work along. Stay on top.

SCORPIO: Your words carry weight and influence with those who were counting on this or more.

SAGITTARIUS: Earning power increases, others give you support. Join forces with them now.

CAPRICORN: There is room to negotiate special terms as you assume more responsibility, etc.

AQUARIUS: A lot goes on behind the scenes but this is necessary to achieve your own ends.

PISCES: Decide how you want things to look. Dress for it or stage an elaborate presentation.

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