Horoscope: May 9-15


Words are framed in a way to influence the undecided or those not properly informed.

Smoke and mirrors leave room for doubt as some don’t want to believe the facts.

They don’t want to look at the evidence. They want to enjoy the fantasy a little longer.

There will be questions about funding and who will reap the most benefits; check sources closely.

Look at anything being done remotely to see who is behind it. Trust instincts if something doesn’t feel right. Buy more time if you feel you need it.

The new moon provides a chance to start over or renew important connections now. The energy is grounding as many seek secure footing in all areas.

ARIES: Put additional focus on your finances and you will find where you can make solid gains.

TAURUS: Demonstrate your ability to hold or take command now. It will be expected of you.

GEMINI: Timing works for you as you co-ordinate the past with the present. This benefits all.

CANCER: Work with those who have the best access to meet your needs. Discuss details.

LEO: There is more security in relationships of all types. Relax about any pending changes.

VIRGO: You have another chance to get what you want or step into a position you like now.

LIBRA: Plan a time out or holiday even if the location is not what you wanted. Enjoy anyway.

SCORPIO: Pull things together and this will give you a stronger foothold or base line to act.

SAGITTARIUS: Relationships deepen as bonds strengthen. You are becoming more secure.

CAPRICORN: Career or income settles as you find your own sense of timing and level pace.

AQUARIUS: You feel lucky and can take a chance that you may have missed in the past.

PISCES: You make the best host now and can take over the role for other or in leadership.

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