Horoscope: May 2-8


Those digging in their heels want to push their agenda.

Being too dramatic can actually be a turn off for those who would normally be supportive. More low-key, private arrangements would be better.

Decisions will be final, so put an alternate plan in place. Don’t flog any dead horses. Discuss special terms when looking to upgrade or get a different position. Check pay and perks for what is suitable.

It can feel freeing even though there is a level or responsibility attached. There would be a degree or autonomy that comes with it.

Dress the part in order to show you belong there. Make statements or lay out an acceptable agenda moving forward.

ARIES: Focus on finances or assets should keep expectations in the realm of what is realistic, etc.

TAURUS: Show your strength or position of authority in ways that are acceptable to others as well.

GEMINI: Private arrangements behind the scenes connects you with those who can help you now.

CANCER: You press others for certain results. Produce required information to go to the right place.

LEO: Opportunity opens up for you, so take your time with the selection process. Choice is crucial.

VIRGO: Relax or plan a vacation in an alternate setting. Contemplate your future direction or place.

LIBRA: You can have what you want without it costing too much. You know how to manoeuvre now.

SCORPIO: Rule your environment or workplace in a calm, controlled way. Others follow along.

SAGITTARIUS: Settle into work or career routine with ease. Others seek your knowledge or tips.

CAPRICORN: You are lucky this week, but keep it to yourself until circumstances arrange details.

AQUARIUS: You work from a position of strength so no need to re-invent the wheel right now.

PISCES: Pull on the strings you already have in place. Sit back and let it unfold in a natural way.

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