Horoscope: April 18-24


Optimistic words and postings are inspiring.

It’s like a competition to see who is the biggest cheerleader. It is helpful to those needing a boost.

Blend humour with protocol and lead by example; it will work. Many are supportive or each other as they see the benefits on a larger scale.

A lot of ground can be covered in a short time now. Be prepared to travel if it becomes necessary.

In person meetings clarify confidential matters to everyone’s satisfaction.

There is good news in financial areas for those looking for a miracle.

Hang on to any ground gained to feel secure. Upgrade or replace equipment or communication devices. Deals can be made.

ARIES: Others high five you as you step forward on their behalf. Dress the part and speak calmly.

TAURUS: Shake off your conservative mantle and show another side of your personality. Have fun.

GEMINI: Tap into the knowledge and expertise of those you trust to help with your future agenda.

CANCER: Sort unusual communication or information to get to the bedrock. Secure position now.

LEO: You rise to the top one way or the other. Be prepared for additional attention or discovery.

VIRGO: Sidestep rules and regulations or have a time out. Assess where you will go from here.

LIBRA: Stars are aligned for you this week when it comes to finances and assets. It looks good.

SCORPIO: Expect the unexpected in relationships of all types. Some are acting out of character.

SAGITTARIUS: Launch something new or different that will benefit job or career near or far, etc.

CAPRICORN: You are lucky this week, so look at areas where you would feel free to take chances.

AQUARIUS: You have easy choices with home or property matters. Cut to the chase with them.

PISCES: Be out and about or step into the public arena in some form. Response seems positive.

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