Horoscope: April 11-17


Those full of their own importance come up against obstacles from those who can see through their bluster.

Arrogance backfires in a big way as reality sets in. Emotional dramatics do not get desired actions or reactions.

he law is laid down and some are told to just shut up. This could happen in public so have an exit plan ready.

Endings create beginnings that are blessings in disguise. It's OK to jump ship or change horses in midstream.

Those going the wrong way will do so at their own peril. Jealousy is a nasty trigger for some of this activity.

The new moon in the fire sign of Aries motivates many to take matters into their own hands.

ARIES: Be the spokesman for others as there is need for leadership or direction on various levels.

TAURUS: Matters over distance require some attention to details. Look closely at all information.

GEMINI: You will feel more secure when you know where your support or backing come from now.

CANCER: The pressure you apply is met with equal pressure in response. Don’t go out on a limb.

LEO: You can do things remotely or actually go there in person. In any case, they need your input.

VIRGO: Settle differences in order to smooth things over. Your future security is in the right place.

LIBRA: A private or secure location works wonders for you or loved ones. Move some items there.

SCORPIO: Respect for you grows as others understand what you are trying to do for everyone.

SAGITTARIUS: Luck with finances or assets allows you to relax a bit when making changes.

CAPRICORN: Instruct or show others how it’s done in order for completion time lines to work.

AQUARIUS: You inform others publicly or in powerful ways. They know you have expertise.

PISCES: Others come on board with you as they see the benefits without the usual effort, etc.

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