Horoscope: April 4-10


Grand or expansive plans get underway, much to the relief of others, especially investors.

Public opinions can be an influence to some degree. Make sure steps are taken in proper order to avoid issues down the road.

Revealing discussions will placate worries. Efforts to calm will have success. Leaked information will have to be dealt with then put aside.

Personal relationships grow nicely with certain ones becoming more romantic; it’s time.

Restrictions ease. Talk about travel destinations or locations to live. A lighter feeling in the air is noticed on many levels as humour is added to conversations.

Bring past matters up to speed. Evolve.

ARIES: You can speak out now as your plans are ready for show and tell. Others have been waiting.

TAURUS: Relax a bit as you have things organized in a way that they are easier to handle or finish.

GEMINI: Your words can derail those who were against you as you have important inside information.

CANCER: You present yourself in a different light hoping it will have the effect you have envisioned.

LEO: Settle any outstanding matters in a win-win solution for all involved. Sign off with the past now.

VIRGO: Work around restrictions or others control issues and things will ease up the way you want.

LIBRA: Take care of certain matters privately to dodge those trying to block you path or distract you.

SCORPIO: Shoulder the mantle of responsibility and others will relax and let you take control, etc.

SAGITTARIUS: Discuss secrets behind closed doors or over secure communications. It is important.

CAPRICORN: Others feel better with you close by as they can tap into your knowledge or expertise.

AQUARIUS: You shine in the media or public arena. Speak, write, teach or demonstrate your talents.

PISCES: Your concept of how things should look will influence the final results over others’ objections.

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