Horoscope: Mar. 28-April 3


Leaked information will show who some of the players are in back room deals. This is important to those still sitting on the fence trying to decide which way to jump.

Consider long-term career goals and how status or reputation will be affected by your choices. Short-term gain can become long-term pain and not the other way around.

The full moon will tip the scales in relationships of all types. This can include legal matters. Stay calm. Luck is in the air with finances.

There is also value added to assets for some. This happens a few times this year so no need to rush into things or push deadlines.

Certain situations have closure or finality.

ARIES: Be front and centre as you have the stamina to take care of whatever is really going on.

TAURUS: Take a closer look at finances and your power base. Relax and stay on course now.

GEMINI: Do a relationship review in business or personal areas to see who is on board with you.

CANCER: Presentation and protocol will be important as you try to impress certain people. Chat.

LEO: Explain clearly; this will calm and comfort those who need to hear from you near or far.

VIRGO: There will be some extra cash or perks available. Take a closer look at important issues.

LIBRA: You have the edge in all dealings. Your charm will override others droning on too much.

SCORPIO: Others are watching as you blossom or take on extra responsibility. They approve.

SAGITTARIUS: Friends and associates become closer as bonds deepen over shared benefits.

CAPRICORN: Make decisions that could have long-term effects in more than one area. Pause.

AQUARIUS: Chats are fun and entertaining in any location. You relax with each other more.

PISCES: Your magnetism is strong now, so it’s a perfect time to take advantage of everything.

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