Horoscope: March 21-27


A search for information or evidence goes up the ladder until it reaches someone in authority who can release it in one form or another.

Abide by rulings until they can be updated or changed. Navigate in areas that are protected or designated safety zones. Stay the course with the tried and true.

Ancient knowledge can still be applied to modern situations; dig deeper.

Improve lines of communication or equipment. Make sure files are backed up in alternate spaces.

Those with opposite points of view need to keep it civil to avoid conflict so stick to the truth.

Romance is in the air as the search is on.

Present yourself in ways to attract what you want.

ARIES: Private meetings have some success after you present a convincing case for your needs.

TAURUS: Long-term plans enhance your status as long as you don’t get side-tracked. Stay strong.

GEMINI: Pull associates onto the same page as you brainstorm in the best way to handle things.

CANCER: Find out where you stand as this will affect status or reputation. Deal with the past, etc.

LEO: Produce some sort of evidence or proof in concrete form before taking a stand or leaving.

VIRGO: Be more independent and you will have some success with what you want done now.

LIBRA: You can partner, marry or otherwise join forces with others. United strength is calming.

SCORPIO: You shine on the job or in any leadership role. Others agree you know your stuff.

SAGITTARIUS: You are lucky in love and money this week. Meet with key individuals privately.

CAPRICORN: You are at a key moment of opportunity. Change things up or take leap of faith.

AQUARIUS: Step forward as the strong mature one. This settles matters related to others etc.

PISCES: Make sure you have the final say on anything time sensitive. Instincts are working.

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