Horoscope: March 14-20


Power plays will have an effect on status or reputation.

Make sure there is nothing to lose if you take sides or invest. This can’t be done strictly on emotion or you could bet on the wrong horse.

Look at past performance and track records. The evidence will tip the scales one way or the other.

Romantic relationships are at a stage where some will move forward and those not working out will be dropped.

A sudden shift in mood or direction results in job change or some having to move home or office.

Explore romantic expectations with an eye on what is realistic for both to move forward with this. You need to be on the same page to engage.

ARIES: Step forward and take responsibility or a leadership role. An anchor person is needed now.

TAURUS: Pull things together near or far. Others respond to your solid, feet-on-the-ground nature.

GEMINI: Power people see you as a key player to advance their agenda or provide connections.

CANCER: Make sure laws or protocol are in place before jumping the gun. Adapt to any changes.

LEO: You can be the one to make decisions that affect others. Organize a schedule for them, etc.

VIRGO: Have a short time out in a relaxing setting. Planning is needed for important decisions.

LIBRA: You feel lucky and you are right now. Look at speculation or investment opportunities.

SCORPIO: Others like your quiet sense of know how. This calms their worries. Discuss agenda.

SAGITTARIUS: Be self-contained when playing the old shell game. Keep some details private.

CAPRICORN: Your talents or knowledge will be needed by others now. Adapt to their situation.

AQUARIUS: You have the winning hand and the proof to go with it. Lay out some timelines, etc.

PISCES: You can play two ends to the middle now. Your position is strategic in various areas.

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