Horoscope: Feb. 7-13


The new moon and beginning of the year of the Ox bring hope for change and renewal.

Some expectations change as a solid, feet-on-the-ground position is sought or strengthened.

Work with others even though it is not apparent how talented they are; have patience.

There is glitz, glamour and entertainment. Relax into duties or responsibilities.

Retrograde Mercury continues, so allow for a period of adjustment. Have repairs done if needed. This can include equipment upgrades, rules and regulations. Decorations can be grand, costly or extravagant, but worth it.

Information catches some off guard. Allow reaction time to regroup. Assess it all.

ARIES: You will be the toast of the town or selected for other special attention. Your status rises.

TAURUS: You reach a new level of production or achievement and you feel good about all this.

GEMINI: You pull strings behind the scenes regarding matters over distance. Play it cool for now.

CANCER: New or renewed financial arrangements involve others of the past. Get papers ready.

LEO: All relationships need careful scrutiny to decide who stays and who goes. This will matter.

VIRGO: Focus on what you are capable of compared to what you would like to do. Be realistic.

LIBRA: You are lucky now and can achieve a new level of freedom. Romance will blossom, too.

SCORPIO: Arrange home or office more to your liking and settle into a more comfortable routine.

SAGITTARIUS: Those near or far become more aware of you on various levels. Speak or inform.

CAPRICORN: Check out new or renewed sources of income. Shift focus to what takes priority.

AQUARIUS: You shine under the new moon. Step out and be seen. Advance your agenda now.

PISCES: Establish or regain your influence behind the scenes. Dreams can come true for you.

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