Horoscope: Jan. 31-Feb. 6


The competition between those who think they are powerful pits those with name recognition to go against those with money leverage.

It’s a game of who is the most convincing or can sway anyone who is still undecided. The whole situation is exhausting.

Back-room deals are still playing out on some level. Assume leadership roles with dignity and purpose.

Funding sources are subject to change or loyalties switch. Clarify where you stand; it will matter.

Retrograde Mercury energy is unsettling as stability or grounding is sought.

Try to regain self respect as some realize they backed the wrong horse. Gracious dialogue helps mend fences.

ARIES: Refresh others memories by going over your qualification and track record. It’s impressive.

TAURUS: Your inner strength shines through and this helps others to accept your agenda direction.

GEMINI: Deep feelings grow over distance as you understand each other better and join forces.

CANCER: Re-configure financial data or obligations to get a handle on things. Consult officially.

LEO: Your reputation or status is affected by those close or who you associate with. Meet them.

VIRGO: Changes you request ease or improve your situation circumstantially or financially now.

LIBRA: Keep your financial base secure when deciding how much to risk or give out to others.

SCORPIO: Changes or improvements with residence will suit you even if others decide to leave.

SAGITTARIUS: Write, teach or otherwise provide information that is of interest to others or public.

CAPRICORN: Opportunities come your way, so take advantage of them. Do more financial control.

AQUARIUS: You step forward as the one in charge or responsible. This helps others relax a bit.

PISCES: Hunker down in private or behind the scenes in a place or setting that is comfortable.

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