Horoscope: Jan. 24-30


Dreams provide information or a new way to look at how things are.

Take a pause to process this more closely. Do added research if it will bring clarity out of uncertainty.

Keep your distance from those with control issues. Those playing games trip up or disclose key information.

Remain calm and regroup where you can. A shift in power base could see a choice of who will be in charge.

Check equipment or how communication is handled especially anything confidential; make needed changes. Play cards close to the vest.

The full moon in Leo highlights those with big egos wanting the lion’s share of attention.

Mercury goes retrograde again.

ARIES: Check the support of those you counted on in the past to make sure they are still with you.

TAURUS: Take an independent stand even if it shakes things up around you. Repair what’s broken.

GEMINI: Look at finances for any funds you can tap into. Make sure bases are covered of secure.

CANCER: Don’t count on promises if they are not backed up in writing. Gather more information.

LEO: Decide between relationships or personal reputation or status. Make a secure choice now.

VIRGO: Your focus intensifies and you want to see some action. Assess how much it is worth.

LIBRA: The full moon activates your fun side. You won’t have to spend too much to enjoy this.

SCORPIO: Make big decisions or changes with home or base of operations. Organize each one.

SAGITTARIUS: Speak out or provide information if asked as others want to know your decision.

CAPRICORN: Your luck is high this week, so step out of your comfort zone on any level to gain.

AQUARIUS: Others feelings for you are intensified and they let you know where it is focused.

PISCES: You can launch your ideas or bring about the changes that you really want. Adjust.

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