Horoscope: Jan. 17-23


Opportunity opens up for dreamers as they see a path forward.

Bite the bullet and navigate with care, so you don’t lose ground already gained.

It’s time to choose who you want with you either in business or personal life. Settle old scores and put the past behind you for everyone’s sake.

Shred or burn what is no longer useful or has run out the clock and just taking up space.

Those in leadership roles show where they stand on important issues affecting others. This has a calming effect generally.

There will be those taking shots or having hissy fits. Closure is hard for them to accept or adjust to. It is inevitable, so move if it will help.

ARIES: You can take a chance as long as you have back up or an option to get out on a timeline.

TAURUS: You are recognized for your abilities by those who count. Shake things up some more.

GEMINI: Take action behind the scenes as others are checking the shadows to see what you do.

CANCER: Make sure you have the right connections to help advance your plans. Get instructions.

LEO: Be willing to try something new or step into responsibilities of others. You can do this easily.

VIRGO: Handle the unexpected in philosophical manner until you get what you have angled for.

LIBRA: Don’t be influenced to throw good money after bad or invest in something not secure.

SCORPIO: Issues over who controls the turf will make certain individual show their true colours.

SAGITTARIUS: Push your point or stand your ground if you feel you are in the right. It settles.

CAPRICORN: Check return policy or condition of something before you take it. This will matter.

AQUARIUS: Your leadership qualities shine and you are able to influence what is happening.

PISCES: Use your charm to calm troubled water. You have knowledge or some expertise, etc.

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