Horoscope: Jan 10-16


Positions are secured and there is a feeling of relief for many. Plans can move forward at a pace that is steady and calm.

Firm up each stage in the process to build confidence among those affected.

Meetings have good results whether in person or virtual. Certain wording can be changed to clear up any grey areas in agreements. Separate responsibilities, so they will seem fairer.

Consider positions with those who have the right track record or expertise. Get into the flow of things.

The new moon in Capricorn shines a light on practicality and solid investments. 

Relationships heat up one way or another, so make sure you are on the same page.

ARIES: Take on a position that suits you and gives you a certain amount of status. Dress for it.

TAURUS: Tighten the reins where they seem slack. Handle matters over distance if it is needed.

GEMINI: Check your security or where resources can be made available to you. Pull some strings.

CANCER: Work with those of equal or greater power to advance agenda. Avoid financial weeds.

LEO: Discuss levels of responsibility with those close to see who wants to do what. Stay calm.

VIRGO: You step around or break free of certain restriction as you look at the bigger picture now.

LIBRA: Establish a solid base or location that you can branch out from. Decorate accordingly.

SCORPIO: Others see you in a different light now as your words hit home. Take a visible role.

SAGITTARIUS: Income and earning power increases easily now. Adapt to changing roles, etc.

CAPRICORN: Stand strong in what you know to be true and real. Demonstrate your abilities.

AQUARIUS: Speak or act in a commanding way and it will have desired results where wanted.

PISCES: Discuss important matters with associated and demonstrate how they will benefit now.

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