2021 predictions

2021 is the Year of the Ox (some also say Buffalo or Bison), which is ruled by the number 5 and the planet Mercury.

Add 2021 together and you get 5.

The Ox year begins on Feb. 12 after the new moon.

It’s time to get to work:

  • Plow ahead and through obstacles
  • Till the soil.
  • Have a garden personal or community. 
  • Team up as it is easier for two oxen to pull the load more evenly.
  • Get down to basics and become involved in your own survival.
  • Shoulder the yoke of responsibility.

Effort will be rewarded including service personal or anyone wearing a uniform or helmet.

Those who are stubborn as an ox will get the attention they seek, but not necessarily the results. They will behave more like dictators. Control is an issue. They try to manipulate vote.

Political struggle for top spots will be fierce. Those with true ability to command with proper authority will survive and prevail.

There will be some locking of horns over this. Being “the boss” will have different meaning in some areas.

This year favours farming or growing of all types as those working the ground will be seen as more valuable. Extra focus will enhance harvests of all sorts. Less damage than expected. Work with the weather better.

The free ride is over for many, so step into the harness and take on responsibility. It’s time to settle somewhere, put down roots and be productive. The usual distractions will be put aside as more want to secure their path or investments, etc.

There is security in routine and a more conservative approach to things. “As you sow, so shall you reap."

Show your worth and do your part. Unite, partner, marry or join together in other ways.

There is much to be done and catch up or recover. A lot of building or re-building. Reno business should do well.

Avoid useless demonstrations with no hope of success. Rule of law and protocol will prevail. Discipline and those in authority will have the upper hand even if by force.

Keep lines of communications open to avoid any unnecessary conflict. Be patient and keep your own counsel until things get sorted out. Rebellion will be dealt with one way or another.

Don’t put yourself on the line for those who don’t have your back. Be dependable, calm and methodical.

A good year to write a book relating to history or practical matters, etc. Bring forth ancient knowledge and other methods proven worthwhile. Old treatments and cures are still viable. Resurrect and tweak them for modern times.

No. 5 connects to energy, electricity, cars and boats and faster modes of travel. The number throws light on investigations past or present, some go much deeper. A look at cold cases.

It also connects to legal, religious, psychology and metaphysical matters. More will become aware of divine guidance and universal laws. Retribution for those deserving of it. There will be reaping from what was sown.

Weigh true intent guided by conscience. Truth, law and principle needed to stabilize things. Some sorting of the cons in the psychic, ESP and entertainment world. Competition will be stiff. Energy and healing work abounds.

Calm and control the nervous system. Diet will help with this and more regulated lifestyle.

A look at new ways to stay young or reboot cells and DNA. Wanting to be attractive on the dating scene.
More focus on neurological disorders such as ALS, etc.

An attempt to handle mental health matters in better ways through separation or isolation to stabilize some of these situations. Also how homeless are affected.

Knowledge will come forth to support communication from beyond or “out there.”

There will continue to be the regular weather issues — fire, flood, wind, storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. Some thoughtless human activity will cause some of it.

Women’s rights to re-production continues to be an issue. Legal decisions will be solid and binding in some areas affected by who sits on the bench.

Say goodbye to long and enduring icons, including royalty. There are those who want less influence from them anyway.

Also in focus: unions, unity, marriage, home, Nazi, bat, debris, Fifth Avenue, Pentagon, missile, pentagram, Jim, Apple, 50 and .05


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