Horoscope: Jan. 3-9


Efforts are made to increase financial flow or income. Take practical steps without losing ground you already gained.

There are opportunities in new or unusual sources or reactivating past ones.

Some areas will be open to interpretation as to who will get what and how much. It could come down to one individual who makes the decisions, so have required documentation in order.

There is cautious optimism in the wire on more than one level. Pursue a familiar course or path.

Those chomping at the bit for more freedom of action need to curb their comments for awhile longer.

Divert frustrations into something practical or clear up any backlog, etc.

ARIES: Your status or position seems secure as long as you avoid unnecessary confrontations.

TAURUS: Hopes or wishes unfold in ways you can work with. Keep schedule carefully organized.

GEMINI: Private talks over finances or assets will decide who will work with whom in the future.

CANCER: Questions are worded in certain ways to get to the facts or disclose all involved now.

LEO: You can take on new duties or responsibilities if you want them. Opportunities open up.

VIRGO: Having more freedom could see some strings attached. Consider which ones to allow.

LIBRA: A surprise disclosure can be used to advantage if you time it right. Be calm over this.

SCORPIO: Others want to hear from you or see you in person. Arrange a convenient meeting.

SAGITTARIUS: Perks or extra cash comes your way. Be elusive with details or locations though.

CAPRICORN: Opportunity comes to you that would provide a more solid path going forward.

AQUARIUS: Meetings with important people can be virtual or in person. End results the same.

PISCES: Others like your ideas or what you have to share and invite you into the inner circle.

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