Horoscope: Dec. 27-Jan. 2


Change is in the air and this could mean choices need to be made with home or office.

Move on from situations that have no future. Save face by not clinging or acting childish, as it is not a good look.

The full moon in the sign of Cancer highlights domestic issues and where you feel you belong.

Discuss this in private so as not to make a scene. Those who enjoy the drama should take it somewhere else. Let things settle down.

New jobs or positions have potential so shift focus there for now. Personal relationships can be worked on later.

Don’t make idle promises, as this will only delay the inevitable.

Be responsible.

ARIES:  Your actual position or status seems to be different to others than it actually is. Explain.

TAURUS: Pull rank or do what you can to co-ordinate everything. Demonstrate clear leadership.

GEMINI: Behind the scenes talks will have some influence on finances or assets. Discuss this.

CANCER: Clarify your direction to those you think can help. You could be referred to others.

LEO: Handle the spotlight if it shines on you unexpectedly. Others need to hear feedback.

VIRGO: Plan a get away or change of scene even if it’s not very far. Refresh old memories.

LIBRA: Pull arrangements together affecting home or property matters of yourself or others.

SCORPIO: Surprise communications provide new or needed information. It aligns with you.

SAGITTARIUS: Take the lead when it’s time to surprise or shake things up a bit. Adapt, etc.

CAPRICORN: Speak up or step forward. Your confident manner gets others attention now.

AQUARIUS: Others realize the influence you have behind the scenes. Put in appearance.

PISCES: Add a little mystery to what is going on. Expectations differ from real circumstance.

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