Horoscope: Dec. 20-26


A stable hand at the helm will have a calming effect. There will still be those causing disruption, but focus has shifted away from them.

You might say there is a new sheriff in town. The right words will have a far ranging influence on many; it is needed.

Aggressive actions will be taken care of quickly. Watch out for any fallout or some collateral damage.

Be observant and stay out of the line of fire. Safety and security are priority right now. Grand plans and celebrations go ahead with careful organization.

You can feel more positive about the future as it will get better.

Just hang in there. Merry Christmas to all. Connect and renew your faith.

ARIES: Avoid applying pressure with those of influence as you may need their support soon.

TAURUS: You navigate obstacles and this helps your position or status to be properly maintained.

GEMINI: False information gets squashed or cleared by those with your best interests at heart.

CANCER: Avoid putting pressure on the wrong people or department as this will confuse issues.

LEO: You transition to more agreeable conditions or circumstances in business or personal, etc.

VIRGO: A break from restrictions helps you relax with your situation. Patience pays off for now.

LIBRA: Calls, messages or tips show you where there are benefits to be had. Review carefully.

SCORPIO: You can be a beacon of hope now by the way you word things or show your care.

SAGITTARIUS: Many are attracted to the way you look or present yourself. Response is nice.

CAPRICORN: You gain from delays or the past. Take the necessary steps. Finances affected.

AQUARIUS: Important communications lead to visits or being in unexpected places. Go along.

PISCES: You can bluff your way or wing it very convincingly. Pull plans or projects together.

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