Horoscope: Dec. 13-19


It’s time to lay cards or other deals on the table.

Negotiations become more time sensitive as they unfold. Hammer out the fine points and costs to the satisfaction of all involved before signing anything.

Status or reputation need to be guarded or maintained where possible.

Leaked information will have to be faced or further investigated. Get to the truth by whatever route you have to take; bending the law a little may be helpful with this.

An inspirational person becomes a beacon of hope.

Pull funding together from available sources. Decide who gets what.

The new moon solar eclipse Monday allows a different or alternate plan of action.

ARIES: Pull back the curtain on negotiations and see who has skin in the final game. Read it over.

TAURUS: Have a Plan B or hold onto financial reins that affect plans going forward. Ride along.

GEMINI: Others are not sure of your position or status. A new or special deal is discussed, etc.

CANCER: You become more aggressive in your actions to advance your agenda. Stick to facts.

LEO: Check out ways or places to relax or have a change of scene. Organization will be easy.

VIRGO: Private talks and plans work to your advantage as your disclosure is rolled out slowly.

LIBRA: Step forward and establish the position you want to take. This will affect others as well.

SCORPIO: What has been going on behind the scenes becomes more visible. Assume control.

SAGITTARIUS: You are more magnetically attractive and others notice wanting to be with you.

CAPRICORN: Smile to yourself as you see some of your plans coming together more easily.

AQUARIUS: Important contacts or associates side with you or throw support behind you now.

PISCES: Your status or position is good no matter how circumstances seem to be shifting, etc.

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