Horoscope: Dec. 6-12


Back-room deals are discussed among those jockeying for position or more power to hang on to what they have.

Suppressed information needs to be brought forward to support those who are deserving.

Game players will not get what they want in the end; pick up your marbles and go. Shift focus to alternate sources of income to balance the books.

Aggressive talk or action changes certain relationships. Some will leave or stand separately as they are getting the courage to say what they really think.

Personal or business is affected. It’s time for show and tell. Income picture looks brighter as managing it is more realistic.

ARIES: Look at ways to get around blocks or those in the way. You need more freedom to act now.

TAURUS: Adjust your needs to match more closely with others as they want to feel included in this.

GEMINI: Private talks with power people will make you feel better about your status and direction.

CANCER: You seek clarity on what to do going forward. Review options or future responsibilities.

LEO: Private arrangements give you a bit of breathing room for what you have planned. Relax.

VIRGO: Take a break and have some fun or plan how you will do that later. Put concerns aside.

LIBRA: Organize your finances to make up for any losses or misdirection of where funds end up.

SCORPIO: Mix business with pleasure and things will go smoothly. Pull associates together now.

SAGITTARIUS: Plans to meet with others in private allows certain matters to be handled better.

CAPRICORN: Discuss what needs to be done and take practical action toward the best result.

AQUARIUS: Powerful or professional associates have your back now. Share private information.

PISCES: Your ability to create illusion impresses others even if it’s only on a temporary basis.

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