Horoscope: Nov. 29-Dec. 5


Plans change as the week begins. It will be important to be flexible.

The full moon splits our emotions over the possibilities. Nail things down where you can as it all has to make sense.

Plan next steps accordingly once they are secured. Moves cannot be avoided for some so adjust expectations.

There are new and promising opportunities. Meet up with others to discuss what you have in common. Upgrade or change equipment, etc.

Some need an ego adjustment, so add a little humour to the conversation; make it easier to save face.

Look at what you have compared to what you really want. Further choices will become available.

ARIES: Being open to other opportunities or locations will enhance your long-term, ambitious goals.

TAURUS: Financial negotiations carried on over distance will benefit you and those connected.

GEMINI: Personal and career status or reputation are tied to each other. Discuss your next steps.

CANCER: Behind-the-scenes negotiations require some sort of resolution or recourse. Do a re-set.

LEO: You have luck with locations, personal or business. Associates will be more helpful now.

VIRGO: Others make way for you or ease your worries. Discuss how this will all be organized.

LIBRA: Look at where you might like to go for a short or long period of time. It has to fit the plan.

SCORPIO: You are the one others want to see or hear from now. Dress to impress and mingle.

SAGITTARIUS: Relationships tighten as you see what you have in common. Compliments come.

CAPRICORN: Show others what you are capable of and it can open up possibilities for you.

AQUARIUS: Associates pull strings for you in ways you had hoped. Go along with suggestions.

PISCES: Climb the ladder of success as you show more of what you are made of. It will work.

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