Horoscope: Nov. 22-28


A point of no return has been reached. It is time to face reality and what is best going forward.

It may be necessary to separate into different rooms or locations temporarily. Park egos in the back seat.

History needs to be considered along with feelings or beliefs to find common ground. Those who want to be together should plan a little get away to test the waters. A leisurely drive works just as well.

Decide who will move if it comes down to a choice; figure out the financial benefits. Consider the long-term future path or status of all involved. Career or job change is by choice or not as it has been coming and the die is cast.

ARIES: Look at private or alternate sources of funding. Explain how there will be benefits to share.

TAURUS: Ties grow stronger over distance and plans come together. Take care of the paperwork.

GEMINI: Others realize the influence you have as you put your thumb on the scale affecting them.

CANCER: Have facts to present when trying to convince others of what you want to see happen.

LEO: You can work things in a way that location is not really an issue any more. Pack some stuff.

VIRGO: You seek more freedom of choice or movement. Organize spending where it will count.

LIBRA: Decisions with home or property matters affect you or those you care about. Converse.

SCORPIO: You strut your stuff and receive a positive reaction. Be out and about to mingle now.

SAGITTARIUS: Financial arrangements may be different than originally agreed on. Negotiate.

CAPRICORN: Others feel confident with you on the job as they know you are very capable.

AQUARIUS: You step out onto the public arena a little more as others want to see you more.

PISCES: You adjust your wording for best effect now as associated need to be swayed a bit.

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