Horoscope: Nov. 15-21


Those trying to upset the natural order of things will find a strong push back.

The new moon indicates a time to refresh or start over. Define the path forward and work on clearing the obstacles out of the way.

Rely on those with a track record who know how to do the job on day one; there is no time to re-invent the wheel. Fill out papers or documents related to funding or assets of yourself or others.

Some are in line for the golden handshake. Those who resist or try to play games will lose any ground they had gained.

Take responsibilities seriously when you assume them. Others are counting on them being carried out.

ARIES: You feel empowered as your path forward becomes clearer. Pull everything together.

TAURUS: Your decisions or actions are pivotal to the actual results you hope for. Negotiate.

GEMINI: You shock or surprise those who were not aware of the fact that you pull the strings.

CANCER: Don’t count on those who switch loyalties in midstream. Seek those in authority.

LEO: You will have favourable circumstances with moves or other changes by choice or not.

VIRGO: Don’t risk your security on a whim. Compare what you have now with availability.

LIBRA: Plan upgrades in all areas, personal or residential. You can make great deals now.

SCORPIO: You can take a more public position and relax a bit. Things are falling into place.

SAGITTARIUS: Your personal value increases in the eyes of others and receive the benefits.

CAPRICORN: Call on influential contacts or associates who can open doors. They value you.

AQUARIUS: Others make way for you at the top. Your accomplishments impress associates.

PISCES: Look at alternate locations short or long term. Make adjustments with some ease.

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